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Tracy is available to speak about Tiger Hunting and writing, in general, at book clubs, social clubs and more. Please feel free to contact her to schedule an appearance or check the events page for an appearance near you. 

Email:  trmsim at gmail dot com

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Tracy Million Simmons

Tracy Million Simmons leaks words from her fingertips. She enjoys writing about the people and places of her home state of Kansas, both real and imagined. Her writing resume includes more than 500 articles in print, from feature articles in national and niche publications to ghostwritten material for busy health professionals. She is a 17-year, multi-district member of the Kansas Authors Club. Tracy is a past mini-fellowship winner from the Kansas Arts Commission and has been an honorable mention in the Kansas Voices contest (Winfield). She is the author of Tiger Hunting, a 2013 J. Donald Coffin award winner, and Green Bike, a group novel. Tracy is the founder of Meadowlark Books, an independent publisher that focuses on stories and authors from the heartland. Her newest book, A Life In Progress, and other short stories, will be published summer 2017.

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