Saturday, May 18, 2013

Book Signing ~ Dodge City, Kansas

I had the most fun at my first big book signing in Dodge City on May 15. I decided to take the book to Dodge City, for its debut appearance at Cup of Jo-Nes. It seemed especially appropriate as one of the locations that inspired a scene from the book:

“So,” he broke the silence. “Want to go try out the new coffee place with me on Wyatt Earp? Had you heard we’re getting civilized? Cup O-Jones. It’s a coffee house. Just like you had in Lawrence. Like Houston. Like on that television show, Friends.”

Tracy Million Simmons. Tiger Hunting (Kindle Locations 859-860).
Robert Jones and the folks at Cup of Jo-Nes were extremely accommodating and friendly. They made me feel right at home. I had only a few moments of anxiety (assuring myself I'd survive just fine if nobody showed up) before I saw my first grade teacher, Mrs. York, coming up the walk. From that point on it was pretty much non-stop. Many friends and family members, but several total strangers, as well. The Dodge City Daily Globe had given me great front page coverage the day before the event, and it did the job of attracting some attention!

How awesome is that sign behind me? I didn't even notice it until after the whole event was over and I was looking at the photographs. Thanks to Evie Simmons, my daughter, for capturing images of the event.

Lindsey Loucks, to the left here, also had a book coming out on this day! I just purchased my copy and look forward to getting to know Lindsey and her work.

Two of my beautiful nieces sharing my joy. 

Stephanie and I went to high school together. She's a long-time friend of the family.

I hope the event brought several new patrons to Cup of Jo-Nes, as well. I had several tell me they had never  been  there before. I am glad to be the bait that lured them. 

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