Saturday, May 4, 2013

... I will be keeping an eye out for more from this author!

Oh! That's right. I'm supposed to be writing the next novel!

With just a little bit more than a month since my semi-official release date... I have started a list of lessons learned and, all along the way, I've been giving myself little pep talks. Don't worry so much about this one, Tracy. Just get to work on finishing the next novel. Stop checking the stats of your sales pages so obsessively. It'll only serve to bring you down. And besides, it's likely they only update once a day, at most, so if you just checked it 3 minutes ago, there's really no need to check again.

I had several weeks at the start when working on the "next" novel was a good distraction. But this marketing thing, I swear, it takes on a life of its own. It can be scary, as well as more than a little exhausting. It can also be a bit of an adrenaline rush while, though positive, is also exhausting.

Reviews from friends and acquaintances are awesome. But that same voice that gives the pep talks also says things like, Well isn't that sweet of her? You have such lovely friends, to say such nice things. All the while implying, of course, that the kind things are more to spare my feelings than anything. Sheesh! Who needs book critics with a voice like this inside my head!

That's why reviews from total strangers are awesome on a whole new level. Here's someone who hasn't shared lunch with you, hung out with you while your kids shared sandbox toys, attended years' worth of writers conventions with you, or looked you in the eye in any way and called you friend.

It's hard for the little voice to give too much grief over a review from someone you've never met before. As well, a 3-star versus 5-star review, even though heart-stopping for a moment, is still a "liked it" rating and who can complain about that? Not me.

Other lessons?

  • I've never been so current on all there is to know about the golf star, Tiger Woods. Who would have imagined that a Google alert labeled "Tiger Hunting" would return so much detail about that man's life?
  • Most books sell because people spend time selling them. This is a truth I suspected even before I set about publishing my own.
  • It is unlikely that any author will build a loyal following of readers with just one book. So... back to the keyboard I go (for something other than checking my sales stats).
  • It really can be OCD inducing to have so many places to check how many times your page has been viewed, an excerpt has been previewed, or a book has been purchased. Then again, I like to think of it as fodder for procrastination, and heaven knows I need more of that in my life!

This is a fairly short, light read and super cute! I believe it's something many women can relate to at some point. After all, I know I have, at times, wondered what happened to my "compass needle." There's a little bit of a possible budding romance as well and plenty of humor...had me giggling many times! I will be keeping this one to read again when I need a giggle and a smile. And I will be keeping an eye out for more from this author! By the way, absolutely LOVE Orville! Can he come visit me sometime?
~ Trinity Jo, 5-star Amazon Review

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