Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Visit to Today's Dodge City High School

Tracy Million Simmons with DCHS Students ~ May 16, 2013

While in Dodge City, I also had the opportunity to talk with some students at Dodge City High School (the current incarnation of what was Dodge City Senior High when I was a kid) about writing and publishing. They are still the home of the Red Demons!

The "new" school is enormous in comparison to what I attended in 1988. The librarian estimated that they have about 1,700 kids there, freshmen through seniors. The experience kind of blew my idea that my story was set in a somewhat modern Dodge City. My characters had cell phones, but they were most definitely a product of something much more like the smaller (maybe 900 students) high school that I attended. It's funny to think of that as small since Dodge City was (and still is?) one of the largest schools in western Kansas. We were certainly larger than our closest neighbors of Minneola, Cimmaron, Jetmore, Bucklin and Meade!


  1. Did you encourage them to take a gap year and join the circus?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Absolutely! We are going to have some very entertaining circus performances around Kansas in the coming years if I have my way.


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