Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Happy Birthday Wish to the Guy who has been Mine for Half his Life Now

Rand, Tracy (and Galahad, the cat) - Summer of 1989

Rand and I had our "first date" shortly (as in days) before my 18th birthday. By the time his 21st birthday came in July, I'm pretty sure we considered ourselves officially dating even though in that short time I spent a week away in San Antonio with my church youth group and another three weeks traveling with my family (all the way to Maine and Canada). We were married two and a half years later -- ages 20 and 23. It seemed like a perfectly reasonable age to get married at the time. I guess it still seems reasonable. Just don't ask me to think about how old my kids are right now...

Rand, who I often refer fondly to as the Bubba Hubby, is celebrating birthday 46 today. We've spent well over half of our lives together. We been a done deal now for half of his. It's a pretty neat feeling, having so much history with the one person in the world I picked to be mine.

Tracy and Rand - Summer of 2013

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  1. Aww this is soooo sweet. This inspires me. I salute you couple for being so inlove through the years. Happy birthday to your hubby.

    Cheers xxx


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