Sunday, September 29, 2013

Change of Season

The neighborhood was pulsing with activity this evening. Hubby and I took a walk with Miss Nancy (our German Shepherd). The family on the corner was playing a multi-generational game of kickball in the yard. A few doors further down, music was blasting and a couple was dancing in their garage. Folks were visiting from their porches and as they leaned against their cars. A couple of yippy little dogs did their best to climb their fences and deter us. A few larger, more laid-back dogs simply barked in greeting. There was an unusual amount of traffic.

I was trying to decide if I could capture the color of the darkening sky on my bedroom walls. The bedroom is about three rooms (maybe four) down on the to-do list of home improvements. I figure by the time I get to it I will have settled on a plan, but a ceiling of deep, dark blue that gradually grows lighter/brighter on the way down appeals to me right now. Why shouldn't a sleeping room always remind you of the beauty of a clear September night?

We have pulled out the jackets for early morning wear but are content, most days, with short sleeves once the sun awakens. It is that time of year when sweater weather and t-shirt days are a mere coin toss. The kids helped me run Saturday's farmers market. I woke to a low-rumbling thunder at about 5 o'clock in the morning. The rain was still steady, but not heavy, when we left for the parking lot a few hours later. We were joined by eight brave vendors and probably four or five times that many customers. We came home loaded with tomatoes, onions, amazingly crisp Jonathan apples, local honey and a gorgeous orange pumpkin that is demanding to be a table center-piece, as soon as I manage to clear the table... Hubby made a store-run for hot chocolate, it was just that kind of day.

In perfect fall contrast, today we met our 4-H friends in the park for a pot-luck. It was perfection in the sun; almost needing long sleeves in the shade.

I love this time of year; the change of season.

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  1. Attended a rainy campfire wiener roast, tipped me over the wall into fall, finally.
    I was stuck in summer. BS


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