Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Tours

I managed two speaking engagements this weekend -- one in Lawrence and one in Manhattan. When I moved to Emporia, I don't think I realized just how handy the location made traveling about Kansas. I tend to still judge road trips by their distance from Dodge City. I never would have survived Lawrence and home again, then Manhattan and home again in less than two days from all the way out there in western Kansas. I did manage it from Emporia, however, and was home in time for supper with plenty of time left to watch the sunset.

I spoke at the Kansas Authors Club, District 2 meeting in Lawrence. This group meets monthly on the  2nd Saturday of each month. Click here for a look at the D2 meeting schedule.

Tracy Million Simmons with Kansas Authors Club, D2 President, Gordon Kessler.
On Sunday I spoke at the Kansas Authors Club, District 4 meeting in Manhattan. This group meets quarterly and their schedule can be found here

Kansas Authors Club encourages and supports meeting groups across the state of Kansas. View the Kansas Authors Club calendar for details. If you don't see a group meeting in your area, feel free to start one and share details of your meetings for our newsletter, website, and Facebook page.

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