Friday, June 14, 2013

Sermons and Tigers and Cows -- oh my!

There was a very nice piece by Regina Murphy in the Emporia Gazette today about the Author Extravaganza taking place at Town Crier Bookstore, from 11am - 1pm tomorrow, Saturday, June 15.

Emporian Tracy Million Simmons will be present to sign copies of her first book: “Tiger Hunting.” Set in Dodge City, the story of Jeni’s post-graduate life crisis is told with candor, wit and charm. With an actual tiger on the loose from a circus accident, old boyfriends, and changed high school friends, the journey of Jeni’s self-examination as she starts pulling her life back together is a riveting and entertaining read. 

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  1. The check is in the mail for my book!
    Now maybe I will get it in the mail...


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