Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Project Table

The table in our dining room is more often called the project table than the dining room table. This is because we aren't often a family of diners. Rarely all together, anyway. At the moment, the project table is covered with four laptops, two cell phones, a 3-hole punch, 2 kindles, a notebook with a story-in-progress of mine in it, a 4-H notebook, a shoebox filled with 5 crocheted octopi, a jar of honey, an almost new package of toilet paper, two travel journals from my daughters' trip to Chicago, and my calendar/organizer thing.

It may look like a mess, and I think there is a good chance it will be cleared and emptied before the day is over, but we've spent a rather pleasant morning and afternoon, the kids and I, working on our various projects individually, but together, at the table.

My day has included backing up and cleaning off my hard drive. I've gotten two loads of dishes washed and at least as many loads of laundry. I've reviewed, proofread, advised, and helped to brainstorm on projects that the kids are working on. I've spent the entire day functioning without a checklist, and yet feel entirely satisfied about all that has been accomplished. Mostly, It's been nice to sit here at the project table, sharing creative, work-filled space with my favorite people in the world.

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