Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dear Writer: Thank you for your submission...

So back to topics in writing...

In my recent state of busy, I defaulted to a place I've found myself in many times before. I searched my archives with the idea of dusting off pieces previously written and submitting them. I optimistically submitted a short story that a judge in a long-ago contest assured me was marketable to a BIG short story market. I always figure, why not start big. I was also attracted by the stats suggesting that this market sent rejections fairly quickly. I figured it would be a good way to get the ball rolling. Submit a story. Quickly get rejected. Submit again. Etc.

It's not as negative as it sounds. I don't mind rejection notes, you see. If I'm receiving them, it means I'm putting stuff out there. And let's face it... it's very hard to publish anything if you don't... you know, put it out there.

The surprise with this particular rejection was that it didn't come quickly. In fact, it was nearly double the expected reject time before I got the "Dear Writer: Thank you for your submission..." email. And the note, believe it or not, made me giddy. In my glass-is-half-full way, of course, I have decided that this means I cleared the first hurdle. Perhaps my story went up a rung on the slush pile ladder before getting rejected. I chose to see this as a victory.

I quickly turned the piece around and submitted it elsewhere. I selected a second piece to submit, as well. So we'll see how long I can keep this going. For every rejection, I'll send two more stories out into the world.

Heaven knows I have plenty of material to play this game for a while.

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