Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Palooza, A 44th Birthday, Two Graduations, A Wedding, and a Camping Trip

It's true... this entry has taken me eleven days to write. 11? How is that possible? How can a person, especially one who considers herself a writer by nature, take 11 days to write a simple entry about something so trivial as a 44th birthday?

Let me take you on a photo tour:

The line for "my birthday" dinner! I started celebrating on May 30 with the Dirty Kanza Palooza, a fundraiser for the farmers market I manage. Or... as I prefer telling everyone... look at all these folks who came to dinner on my birthday!
And here I am, cooking for all those people! No worries... I had lots of help. The Dirty Kanza is an annual event in Emporia that has grown quite a lot in recent years. (If you don't know what the Dirty Kanza is, check out some of the photos here. It is awesome!)

On the 31st the family drove west (4 and a half hours west) for a wedding. John (left of me) was my neighbor-across-the-field when I was growing up. He is one of my dearest and oldest friends. His daughter, Samantha, was a beautiful bride. 

It was a brief visit, but I also  managed to grab lunch with my momma's siblings, Aunt Gerry and Uncle Riley, before heading back home.

The kids and I were home for exactly one day before heading west (two and a half hours northwest this time) for a camping trip with friends. We explored the wonderful town of Lucas, KS. Lucas is well worth the visit, if only for a visit to the public toilet (pictured above). If you make it to Lucas, give yourself at least a day for the visit. There is a lot to see in this little town.
Moms hanging out in Lucas, Kansas. No, we didn't empty all of those wine bottles.
I took plenty of books for reading and writing on our trip, but actually ended up spending the abundance of my time sitting in a camp chair and watching the clouds in this amazing sky go by. I let the near-gale force winds (two days of them) blow the cobwebs out of my brain. We had one perfect day for visiting Lucas (The Grassroots Arts Capital of Kansas) and a rather stormy day coming and going. It was incredibly relaxing. I could have managed a few more days off!

Saturday was a farmers market day, a preparation for company day, and--in the evening-- my daughter and I travelled to Kansas City for the homeschool graduation ceremony of one of her good friends. I can't tell you how much I love these kids. They make me feel good about the world we live in. Through their eyes, anything seems possible.

Then came Sunday... perhaps the most amazing day of all... when we were joined by family and friends for our own little unschool ceremony for my daughter, Evie. I was overwhelmed by the show of love and support. It's such a rare occasion to have all of your friends from different walks of life in one location. I only regret that I did not have hours and hours to talk and spend with each of them.
(Photo courtesy of Dave Leiker - Thank you, Dave!) 

4-H Friends and Cousins, Old Friends and New Friends

Lots and lots of hugs. (Photo courtesy of Dave Leiker.)

(Photo courtesy of Dave Leiker.)

And finally, on Monday, we spent the day preparing for 4-H Day Camp, which consumed most all of our Tuesday. It was an event my son Kaman chaired this year. Unfortunately, Kaman ended up with a bad ear and eye infection (from the lake water?), but his sisters stepped in and filled his shoes for the event. I got to go this year, too, in my new role as a 4-H Ambassador leader. 

Again, my world was brightened by the energy of so many young people.

Maybe I have been subconsciously testing my endurance... making sure that I still hold up under the pressure of a full calendar at age 44. So far, so good, though I am looking forward to a lighter schedule (and maybe a couple of naps) in the weeks to come.  

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